How Prevalent are Dual Diagnoses, REALLY?

The market need for dual diagnosed services is staggering. As confirmed by the National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA):

  •  Half of all people with mental disorders are ALSO addicted to/dependent upon alcohol or drugs (53% of all drug addicts and 37% of all alcoholics ALSO have a psychiatric disorder)
  • A huge majority of addicts/alcoholics of both sexes experienced symptoms of anxiety before they abused substances – 70% of males and 80% of females
  • Teenagers diagnosed with anxiety have a risk of addiction 3.5 times higher than the general population
  • Similarly, 53% of females and 43% of male addicts/alcoholics experienced depression before they abused substances
  • Non-abstinent depressed patients with comorbid addiction will relapse into depression twice as often as those who abstain
  • Just over half of all male PTSD patients will abuse alcohol, and over a third will abuse drugs
  • Female PTSD patients have alcohol and drug abuse rates of 28% and 27%
  • 47% of schizophrenia patients have a co-occurring substance abuse disorders, which is a rate that is 4.5X HIGHER than that of people without the condition
  • HALF of all borderline personality disorder patients have a lifetime risk of alcohol abuse, while 38% will suffer from drug dependency
  • Finally, 12% of individuals with a dual diagnosis will receive proper care for both conditions


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