Bob Jones

Bob Jones, SUDP

Substance Abuse Professional

Bob Jones, SUDP, is a licensed substance abuse professional who has over 20 years of group and individual treatment of adults struggling with addictive disorders, including a substance use supervisor for over 10 years and developing a substance use disorder program that also treated problem gambling. Bob also holds an AA degree in chemical dependency and is sensitive to the overlap of addition and mental illness.

Throughout his career, Bob has engaged clients in a non-judgmental stance and uses cognitive behavioral treatment and motivational interviewing as the core therapeutic modalities when leading IOP groups or conducting one-on-one sessions. Being a baby boomer of the 50’s, flower child of the 60’s, natural man of the 70’s and working chef in the 80’s and 90’s, Bob has worked and experienced many “walks of life” and is sensitive to the unique and diverse needs of each client. Bob is currently accepting new clients (IOP group and individual treatment) at NW Family Recovery Solutions in Port Orchard Washington.