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Cesario Larios

Cesario Larios, MA, LMHCA

Psychological Assessment

Cesario Larios, MA, LMHCA holds a master’s degree in Psychology, as well is a Clinical Psychology PsyD doctoral student at Antioch University Seattle. He is in his fifth year of training, which has encompassed both evidence based applications for therapy as well as psychological and forensic assessments. During his doctoral training with NW Family Psychology, Cesario has worked with many clients struggling with both substance abuse and mental illness, and understands this dynamic and how one impacts the other and vice versa.

At NW Family Recovery Solutions, Cesario provides psychological assessments for those suffering from these co-occurring disorders, which is often helpful for understanding each client’s unique challenges and how best to achieve remission of both substance abuse and mental illness. Cesario also works directly with the juvenile and adult court system, attorneys, and other agencies along with our forensic psychologists to provide best interest recommendations for those clients where mental health, DUI, or drug evaluations are recommended.