LEADERSHIP | Steve Tutty

Steve Tutty

Steve Tutty, MA, PhD

Executive Director

Dr. Tutty, MA, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist. He has particular expertise in evaluating both youth and adults over the past 20 years – both in a private and forensic capacity. Many of clients he has evaluated over the years struggle with co-occurring disorders – mental illness and substance use – and how difficult these co-occurring conditions can make it for individuals to achieve and maintain their sobriety over time.

Dr. Tutty now works closely with the NW Family Recovery team, from IOP and acute residential treatment at our Washington facilities, as well as inpatient treatment at our Yellowstone retreat. Dr. Tutty is a strong believer in providing comprehensive assessments, pre and post treatment, to provide each client (and their loved ones) with a road map of how they arrived at this juncture in life, as well as how best to tap into their potential. In addition, he provides clients with evidence based skills (cognitive behavioral, mindfulness, motivational interviewing) to help clients treated at NW Family Recovery Solutions let go of the grip of mental illness and substance abuse – now and for the long run.

Dr. Tutty has also presented nationally and is published in peer reviewed journals (e.g., JAMA) in the areas of depression and ADHD. He understands the interface of mental illness and drug use, and routinely works with the juvenile and adult courts, attorneys, and agencies when mental health, DUI, and drug assessments are recommended. When not in the office, Dr. Tutty enjoys skiing, hiking, and outdoor grilling.