CLINICIAN | Glyn Deputy

Glyn Deputy

Glyn Deputy, M.Ed, LMHC

Clinical Director, Inpatient Services

Glyn Deputy, M.Ed, LMHC, brings a keen awareness of both the necessities and subtleties of surviving our human condition and reaching one’s full potential when individuals are plagued by co-occurring conditions, such as depression and alcohol abuse, anxiety and opioid abuse, etc. Glyn has worked with individuals struggling with these conditions across outpatient and inpatient settings over the past decade and is now the clinical director of NW Family Recovery Solutions – Inpatient, at our 9-bed facility. In this capacity, Glyn overseas the clinical operations and delivery of care to clients admitted to our 28-day inpatient program. Given the complexities and relapse concerns with this population, Glyn understands the need to incorporate substance use treatment (e.g., 12 Steps) with evidenced-based therapeutic interventions (e.g., cognitive behavioral treatment, motivational interviewing, mindfulness) across a whole health model (e.g., lean and green diet, aerobic exercise, etc.). Glyn is now accepting new client referrals for our inpatient facility – Bremerton (admitting 05/2001), as well as Yellowstone (admitting 03/2001).