NWFRS is sensitive to the health and privacy needs of our clients. We offer HIPAA-compliant teleconferencing for all appointments.


Our Treatment Levels

We offer individualized treatment plans.
Please contact us with any questions on which is best for you or your loved one.

intensive outpatient therapy

Intensive Outpatient

Treatment (IOP)

Our mental health/substance use one on one counseling will be offered daily, while group counseling for adults will be offered 4 days a week (M, W, F, and SAT), while group counseling for youth will be offered 2 days per week (T, TH) as the developmental stages and needs of teens require a different treatment approach than adults. IOP treatment is helpful for learning about the cycle of addiction and the impact on mental illness and vice versa, understanding your 3 P’s (predisposing, precipitation, & perpetuating), and incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a strong readiness and confidence for change across the 12-Step journey of recovery.


Mental Health/Substance Use one on one counselors work hand-in-hand with the group counselors to ensure a continuity of care occurs, as well as actively communicates with providers across acute residential and inpatient treatment. Before IOP begins, a comprehensive co-occurring assessment occurs, as well as a family intake of enrolled clients to assess the family system, the dynamics that have served to either promote or hinder recovery, how best to reach and maintain the right balance of accountability, boundaries, and love skills.

sober house

The Retreat


Clients requiring a higher level of care than intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) or sober living/acute residential treatment would also undergo a 72-hour detox, followed by travel to our inpatient facility in Island Park, Idaho (25 min from Yellowstone). Inpatient services over 28 days include:


Comprehensive medical assessment

Mental health (MH)/ substance use (SU) comprehensive co-occurring assessment (pre and post inpatient


MH/SU 1:1 counseling (two sessions, daily)

Group counseling (three sessions per week)

Enriched meal plan

(DASH Diet)

Wilderness outings with field guides and MH/SU providers (weekly)

Family support (weekly and

at graduation)

Peer-to-peer support (during and following inpatient treatment)

Structured relapse prevention plan to follow post-graduation*

*Families and friends will be invited out to celebrate graduation day, followed by tours of Yellowstone Park (if in season) or other activities (e.g., skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, river rafting, etc.).


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