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Support Services

At NW Family Recovery Solutions, we recognize there are many moving parts and people around you that need attention and care to help you navigate through the waters ahead. In addition to our comprehensive treatment levels, we have developed support services to help your loved ones reach their destination.

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We understand that addiction and mental illness not only affects the individual, but the entire SYSTEM – family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even your pets!!! This is exactly why we complete an intake with your family members or significant loved ones. They want to see you succeed, but also need the right balance of Accountability, Boundaries, and Love (ABL skills) to support you now and across your journey ahead.


Following the family/friends intake, we will invite you to work directly with our mental health (MH)/ substance use (SU) licensed providers each week at designated group nights. In these groups you will learn about the addiction cycle and how alcohol and drugs impact mental illness and vice versa, as well as the specific dynamics (e.g., hero, scapegoat, etc.) you may have modeled.


In addition, we will provide you with the specific tools you can use to help your loved ones reach their recovery, improve their quality of life, and maintain their therapeutic gains over. Our family and friends program is designed to help you rebuild the trust and respect with one another, as well as use the right ABL skills while your loved one over time.



Our mental health (MH)/substance use (SU) licensed providers clearly understand the interaction with the judicial system (e.g., DUI, possession charges) and the court-ordered services (e.g., drug court, mental health, DUI assessments) stipulated as a result of the findings of fact in your case. We understand this process is both stressful and costly. Thankfully, we have navigated this journey many times over the years and can provide you and your counsel with our court support services for a smoother process.


One of our court support services is our licensed psychologists and substance use (SU) providers provide co-occurring evaluations. In this capacity, we perform both mental health and substance abuse evaluations to determine your specific ASAM level, along with MH condition(s) and severity to provide the court with the right information on how to move forward. These evidence-based evaluations are often critical for justifying if you need treatment AND the right treatment dose (e.g., program type). We communicate directly to counsel and the court on your behalf which outlines your assessment findings, treatment recommendations, and criteria for officially resolve your case.



Our NW Family Psychology Recovery Solutions graduates will receive support from past alumni clients that have successfully completed IOP, sober living/acute residential, and/or inpatient treatment at our Yellowstone facility. We feel this is critical to providing graduates with peer support who often become life-long friends and sponsors.


In this capacity, our graduates will be assigned an alumni mentor for an added layer of support and education to help extend their therapeutic gains. Our alumni mentors and graduates are encouraged to talk weekly, if not daily – especially during the first 6-9 months post-program graduation. In addition, family members and friends will often reach out to the alumni mentor for questions and support during the after-care process.


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